A Cheesy Valentine's Day Playlist

We should probably say that cheese and chocolate were the guiding principles behind our Valentine's Day gathering, but the truth is this: It was all about the Electronic Dream Phone game. That was the centerpiece around which everything came together — including our very 90s-themed playlist.

Electronic Dream Phone is like Clue, but with boys and an oversized pink battery-operated phone. In other words, it symbolized everything we really wanted this party to be: pink, cheesy, and awesome. The food, the drinks, the decor, and the tunes all fell into place.

Since the game was first published in 1991, we knew we wanted to go with hit songs from that era — the cheesier the better. We asked Austin Powers to put something together (Mariah Carey songs strongly encouraged).

He didn't disappoint with a mix that features the best of the decade and a few from earlier and later that just feel like they belong. There's Roxette, Seal, Billy Ocean, and yes, Mariah.  Read More >>