A Playlist for the Four Stages of Thanksgiving Day

(Image credits: shutterstock/Shutterstock; Lindsay Ribe)

(Image credits: shutterstock/Shutterstock; Lindsay Ribe)

You know that friend whose taste in music always makes your ears perk up? That's my friend Austin Powers (no relation to the international man of mystery). He's always playing the right thing at the right time, to the point that I've asked him to curate the music at numerous dinner parties.

"Music only adds to the sensory experience of eating," says Austin. "So it's something I always think of when there's food around."

So, naturally, Austin was the right person to go to for help creating a Thanksgiving playlist that caters to you, the host. From the minute you wander into the kitchen, this playlist will be there, walking you through your next few hours of stirring, stuffing, dicing, and slicing.  Read More >>

UAlbany Students in Belize: Bringing Expertise, Gathering Knowledge

Students in last year’s inaugural winter study abroad session in Belize discovered the same level of excitement in helping people and absorbing culture that is the hallmark of UAlbany’s more than 140 study abroad programs.

“The wintersession option in Belize is quite popular due to the program’s unique opportunities for our students to address literacies in social contexts and to explore Belize’s rich history and culture,” said Austin Powers, program coordinator in UAlbany’s Office of Education Abroad.  Read More >>

UAlbany Teams Up with South American University to Learn about Brazilian Economy

The University at Albany has teamed up with Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paolo, Brazil, to offer its students a new summer study abroad program. Fourteen UAlbany students and recent graduates recently returned to the region from the inaugural trip to South America, where they learned about Brazilian business and its economy.

“Through a creative and dynamic curriculum, our new summer program at Mackenzie University helps students to understand firsthand what Brazil’s economic strengths have been in the past and present, as well as where its greatest potential for further business development might lie in the future,” said Austin Powers, program coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Office of International Education.  Read More >>